Spotlight on True Grace

True Grace enthusiastically joined the Alkemist Assured program soon after we launched it. Jennifer Weinhardt, Sr. Director of R&D for True Grace, explains why they are fans and what benefits they are seeing.

What drew you to participate in the Alkemist Assured program?
At True Grace, a rigorous focus on quality and transparency is a non-negotiable for us. Our consumers deserve to know that what they’re putting in their body is healthy, safe, and of the highest quality and potency.

We chose to work with Alkemist Labs because they have the same values – to focus on not only quality, but transparency with the consumer. Additionally, they are an industry recognized leader in botanical and fungi testing. We know our products will be tested thoroughly and accurately with Alkemist.

There must have some logistical hurdles to overcome in implementing this innovative transparency program. What were they, and how did you overcome them?
While there were some minor logistical hurdles such as timing of testing and sample submission, I wouldn’t even consider these as hurdles. Moreso, they were just part of the process. We wanted our consumers to know they could trust the products and the only way to know for sure was to have Alkemist Labs test them. So, we built in the time for testing and worked through the process of it all to ensure we could make it happen. This helps us answer the biggest question of all: are we bringing our consumer the highest-quality supplements possible?

True Grace’s mushroom line is under the Alkemist Assured program. Are you planning to expand it to some of your other products?
Yes! In fact, we are proud to announce we just launched True Grace Broccoli Microgreens that is also Alkemist Assured. True Grace Broccoli Microgreens Superfood Powder is a simple way to get the detox-, immune- and cell-supportive power of broccoli into every day. Our broccoli microgreens are grown in American soil and freeze-dried in small batches to capture the most phytonutrients.* This is the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® microgreens powder.

What benefits does True Grace expect through participation in the Alkemist Assured transparency program?
The biggest benefit we see will be consumer peace of mind. When they see the Alkemist Assured symbol, they’ll know that not only are the highest quality products made available to them, but that what’s inside has been checked by scientists, so they can be confident they’re getting exactly what’s on the label.

I know it’s early days, but have you received any feedback from customers yet?
Our retail customers have confidence in recommending the products to consumers knowing they are Alkemist Assured because they can trust in that third party verification.

How do the requirements of the Alkemist Assured program enhance your manufacturing quality standards?
The requirements of the Alkemist Assured program help verify the quality standards we expect from our manufacturing facilities are in place. It’s the extra peace of mind for not only our consumers, but for us too.

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