Even More Transparency!!!

by Elan

Believe it or not, while the seeds of transparency I planted ~8 years ago have only recently sprouted and are slowly growing into an unstoppable movement, I have never been alone in this fight to prove our industry is regulated and sells high-quality products that may even work. In the background and more recently foreground is a wonderful family-owned business called NOW Foods.

Their’s has been a slightly different fight as they attempt to level the Amazonian playing field by exposing the bad seeds trying to grow in our industry.  Rather than celebrating the best of the best like Alkemist Assured, the amazing team at NOW has gone a step further by testing products from unfamiliar brands sold on Amazon and revealing the generally appalling results to the public. No other organization in our industry has the gumption to do that and I applaud every moment of it!

AND NOW… NOW is even more transparent as they NOW make Certificates of Analysis for their 100%-pure essential oils visible to consumers.

Simply navigate to https://cofa.nowfoods.com/ and enter your lot number to reveal the truth. They state that the goal of sharing CofA’s is part of their ongoing commitment to transparency, and will be rolled out to all of the NOW product categories.

While ‘hope’ is my least favorite strategy, I have great hopes that this brave move by NOW Leadership is only the beginning for our industry because our credibility sorely needs this. You know what they say, ‘once you take transparency out of the drawer of a mid-level quality assurance person, you can’t put it back…’.

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