Confirming the Authenticity of Certificates of Analysis

For several years now, Alkemist Labs has found some ingredient suppliers and marketing companies have been altering valid lab reports and using those falsified reports to promote their products.  The alterations have taken multiple forms, from changing or removing the client’s name, to replacing the lot number, and some have even gone so far as to change the results of the analysis.  These doctored Certificates of Analysis (C of As) give the products the appearance of legitimacy when in reality they are not, potentially causing serious harm to brands, retailers, and consumers.

Until now, people had to email a C of A to us, which we looked up in our system to compare the two, and email back either confirmation that it was a real report, or an altered version. We were happy to do this but have also been seeking a more streamlined solution. And, now we have it.

With this system, users of our COAs have the ability to detect report tampering, providing extra assurance and giving our customers a crucial layer of protection against counterfeits.

We use zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) and blockchain technology, powered by HealthLOQ ®, to create unalterable digital fingerprints of our documents and provide any interested party the ability to verify the authenticity of a given document within seconds.

And it’s easy: simply submit the document to be verified below to determine if it is an original, unaltered Alkemist CofA.

If you do find an altered Alkemist C of A, please let us know – sometimes there are actions we can take against the offenders. Working together, we can help protect the integrity of our industry, and consumers’ well-being.

If a C of A does not match, please contact us to have a human double check, as some duplication methods interfere with the automated document comparison.

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