The Alkemist Culture

From the earliest days of Alkemist Labs, work/life balance with emphasis on quality of life has been built into our company. CEO Elan Sudberg explains why:

“Before her promotion to a full-time domestic engineer, my wife worked for fortune 500 companies. While the pay was unparalleled and the benefits rich, she did nothing but work. She worked into the night after work, and on the weekends to prepare for work on Monday. There was no work/life balance and so little time to enjoy the benefits of that hard work. And I resented the companies for which she toiled.

From the beginning of Alkemist Labs I was determined that my people would not experience that kind of environment, nor would their partners. I not only want my team to be happy but I want their teams (husband, wife, partner, offspring, siblings, parents, dogs…) to be happy. So as we grew and matured and built our team, culture remained a high payoff activity and remains as such today.

One of the ways we make sure our team’s voices are heard is by using TinyPulse, which is an anonymous employee survey tool designed to increase communication and transparency, measure and improve culture, and reduce company turnover. We are three years in and I can’t wait to reply to the comments and suggestions from the next survey. Since we are passionate about the happiness of our employees and so proud of our ratings, we display the TINYbadge.

Philanthropy is also important to our culture. We have an ongoing program of events that raise money and equipment donations for a pet shelter, a women’s shelter, a food bank and a school lunch program, with the events and recipients driven by staff priorities.

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