Stressed by Amazon seller changes? We can help.

We’ll make this process as smooth as possible.

Amazon’s most recent seller requirements have confused much of the industry. We’re doing our best to understand what is required and help our clients meet those requirements.

Can we still use Alkemist Labs for Amazon testing?
Yes, Alkemist is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and meets the Amazon requirements for data submission to your chosen Amazon Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) organization. We are also an approved lab listed in the Amazon Service Provider Network.

What about the test methods you developed for my formulas?
We’re committed to helping make sure that any custom methods we’ve developed for clients remains valuable, usable, and confidential. We can also support you in providing technical support and explaining the test methodology to your TIC, if needed.

Which TIC should I pick?
We recommend using either NSF or UL as your TIC. Because we already have relationships with them through other programs they administer, both organizations are familiar with our report formatting and qualifications so it will go more smoothly for you.

How will the TIC’s confirm authenticity of Alkemist reports?
Each TIC is following their own process to authenticate 17025 laboratory testing reports. Through our partnership with the HealthLOQ blockchain program, Alkemist C of A’s can be easily verified by the TIC on our website at

Will Alkemist become one of Amazon’s TICs?
Not at this time. Alkemist is not a certifying body so we’re not eligible. However, we will work with the TIC to facilitate the process, just as we have always provided helpful customer service.

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