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As today’s consumers ask more questions about product quality, forward thinking brands are stepping up with increased transparency into sourcing, ingredient research, and quality control programs. By focusing on botanical and fungal products, the Alkemist AssuredTM program is unique in the industry, spotlighting the quality and emphasizing consumer and supply chain transparency for plant and mushroom testing.  Extending that transparency to your testing program is the logical next step. We’ve developed two programs to help you do just that.

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Our Alkemist Assured™ Transparency Programs

Level One: Next Generation Transparency™ Testing and Reports for Consumers
Participating companies make Next Generation Transparency test results and Certificate of Analysis reports in consumer friendly formatting available to the public on their website, and refresh them at least every six months. These simplified C of A’s are available in addition to the more technical versions you will continue to receive, but are easier for consumers to understand. Each company in the program will be listed on our website as a Next Generation Transparency™ partner with a link to their website.

Level Two: Alkemist Assured™ Seal
Brands wishing to further demonstrate their quality commitment and assurance may also apply for the use of Alkemist Assured™ seal on product marketing materials, website, sales materials, etc. In addition to the requirements for our level one program, level two requires that participant companies utilize Alkemist identity, potency, and purity confirmation testing services for raw material and blended ingredient quality. A minimum one year commitment is required for each product in the program in order to be permitted to use the Alkemist Assured™ seal.
Alkemist Assured

Meet a Few of Our Alkemist Assured Partners

Contract Manufacturer

Finished Product

Bee Propolis – Propol 2000
Bee Pollen Granules
Fresh Royal Jelly
Propolis Chunk 95% (Bioflavonoid 8% Up)
Propolis 2x Concentrate Powder


Ingredient Supplier

ApplePhenon® Apple Extract 60%
AstaZine® Astaxanthin – Enriched Haematococcus
   pluvialis Powder 4%
Astazine® Astaxanthin Oil 10%

Finished Product

Tru Niagen®
Tru Niagen® Immune

Ingredient Supplier

Panax ginseng extract (7% Ginsenosides HPLC)

Finished Product

Tongkat Ali, 60 Count Capsules, 10g Loose Powder

Finished Product

Kinoko Platinum AHCC with acylated alpha-glucans

Ingredient Supplier


Finished Product

Broccoli Microgreens
Fruiting Body Cordyceps
Fruiting Body Lion’s Mane
Fruiting Body Myco-renew
Omega-3 Fish Oil
Fruiting Body Reishi

Ingredient Supplier

Ashwagandha Extract Powder 
(Withania somnifera)
Witholytin®(Withania somnifera)
Bacognize®(Bacopa monnieri)
Bacognize® Ultra
Longvida® Optimized Curcumin® (Curcuma longa)
Pomella® (30%)

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