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Alkemist Labs Composite Reference Botanicals

CRB™ products, developed by Alkemist Labs, are custom blends of verified botanicals from multiple sources, which allows for more robust identity testing than a single source. Seasonal and regional variabilities can cause slight variations in botanicals that a single source sample can’t represent, which can mean an unnecessarily rejected lot of raw materials. Our composites solve that problem.

Each CRB comes with a Certificate of Analysis that identifies the fit for purpose test method appropriate for that material. 

American Herbal Pharmacopeia Verified Botanical
Reference Materials

AHP offers over 300 authenticated botanical reference materials, including Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western botanicals, for use in routine quality control testing. AHP procures botanicals that reflect properly wildcrafted, cultivated, and processed materials, of the expected quality and purity. Each AHP-Verified™ BRM is authenticated by a variety of methods: botanically, macroscopically, organoleptically, chemically, or molecularly, typically utilizing a suite of different techniques, which provides the greatest level of confidence for authenticity.

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