ASQ 2023 Recap


Elan and Petra attended and Alkemist sponsored the 7th Annual SoCal Dietary Supplement Consortium last month which brought together industry experts and regulators, including three current and two former FDA officials. Elan was a last minute addition to the closing panel after the organizers decided that someone with experience in the industry’s testing issues would be valuable to attendees.

Here are Elan’s thoughts on the gathering:

“Small but mighty” are the words that come to mind when I reflect on the recent ASQ conference. As usual, this is a jam-packed event with heavy hitters such as  Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D. of Natural Products AssociationSibyl Swift, Ph.D. of cbdMD, Siobhan Gallagher Taylor and Glenn Bass of   FDAWilliam Cole and Matthew Orr of Amin Talati Wasserman, LLPNora Dowell of Nora Dowell Consulting Services, Joy A Joseph & Stephen A Joseph of Joy’s Quality Management Systems.

What always impresses me is that ASQ seems to consistently draw participants from the FDA who are beyond willing to dialogue with the industry. This is a much better arena for such, as opposed to a surprise visit.

I was attending as a sponsor/observer but in the end, found myself on stage participating in a panel and answering many/most questions. I am grateful for Nora and the team who work hard to put on these meaningful conferences that bridge the gap between industry and regulators.


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