Nutritional Outlook’s 2020 Best of the Industry Awards, Service Provider: Alkemist Labs

The boutique, family-owned laboratory has taken on industry Goliaths, powered by “tenacity, foresight, and a little crazy.”

When discussing the success of Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove, CA), its CEO Elan Sudberg likes to invoke the Old Testament story of David and Goliath, driving home the industry dynamics between boutique, family-owned testing laboratories such as Alkemist, and the giants that dominate the industry. These Goliaths, as Sudberg likes to call them, have a wealth of resources that allows them to offer a huge array of services while also undercutting their more modest competitors on price. Of course, to Sudberg, Alkemist is David in this analogy, thriving despite seemingly insurmountable challenges because Alkemist is great at what it does, prioritizing quality over quantity with a service-oriented approach that benefits its clients.

“Starting a lab requires some of the most expensive equipment as well as highest-paid employees, which would give any entrepreneur pause. The global testing arena is composed of many little labs of varying proficiency and a handful of Goliaths buying up the little labs. Even 24 years ago this was true. Still, we are here, and we owe that to tenacity, foresight, and a little crazy,” says Sudberg.

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