Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Alkemist Labs has been involved in responsibly developing the cannabis marketplace since 2010, when CEO Elan Sudberg was founding chair of the American Herbal Product Association’s Cannabis Committee. Where once just THC and a handful of other Cannabinoids were identified, today there are over 120, as well as terpenes. Fit for purpose test methods need to be developed  and validated for them, and your lab has to be on top of that.  We’re at the forefront of cannabinoid and terpene determination testing, including development of a Certificate of Analysis that consumers can easily interpret. 

 Our full 12 cannabinoid panel includes the following:

Cannabinoid Panel
Our terpenes panel includes the following:
Terpene Panel


Variable regulations don’t phase us; you can have confidence that our test results will stand up to regulatory review, no matter which regulatory agency. We follow the relevant science to adapt to the needs of our clients; if there’s an analyte you are interested in, let us know. 

  • Alkemist Labs is a DEA registered facility (RA0292603)
  • We are also listed with the USDA: https://www.ams.usda.gov/content/alkemists-pharmaceuticals-dba-alkemist-labs

  • Our C of A opens doors in the supplements industry, and many clients find it more efficient to partner with customers who work with us

We are a DEA registered facility. We report THC as a limit test unless the client has listed their specification as “not detected”:

  • THC amounts >0.3% are reported as “Presence Detected”
  • THC amounts detected at <0.3% are quantified in the report
  • Customer specific reporting protocol for THC is available upon request

This method was developed and validated in accordance with current ICH guidelines. Here is a summary of the validation results for various matrices:

  • Accuracy: CBD and THC recovery ranges are 80-125%, at three spike levels
  • Precision (Repeatability): %RSD for peak area <4% CBD, <7% THC
  • Specificity: Verified with spectral purity by photodiode array
  • Detection Limit (LOD): CBD = 0.023%, THC = 0.022%
  • Quantitation Limit (LOQ): CBD = 0.076%, THC = 0.074%
  • Linearity: Correlation coefficient (R2) > 0.999, determined by five-point calibration curve

This method is suitable for common sample matrices such as crude material, oils, liquid extracts, and powdered extracts. Finished product formulations may require method development.

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