Alkemist Assured FAQs

by Bryan Fine

You’ve seen the word transparency countless times in industry marketing material.  Telling your customers you are transparent is one thing, but showing them is something completely different.

The Alkemist AssuredTM program is unique, spotlighting quality and emphasizing consumer and supply chain transparency for plant and mushroom testing.    Alkemist Assured gives participating partners a platform to show their customers they mean what they say about the quality of their ingredients or product.

Who is Alkemist Assured applicable to?
Everyone in the supply chain may find value from this program from suppliers, manufacturers, and brand holders. Participant companies must utilize Alkemist identity, potency, and contaminant testing services for raw material and blended ingredient quality.  A minimum one-year commitment is required for each product in the program to be permitted to use the Alkemist Assured™ seal.

Where to start – do I need to do my entire product line?
Alkemist Assured is a custom-tailored program for your organization, ingredients, and/or products. Alkemist Assured can include one product or your entire product line. Some companies are starting with one or two products and adding others over time.

How and where can I use the Alkemist Assured logo?
The logo is designed to be on your website, paper marketing, digital marketing, and product labels. However, if you have a creative idea for using the logo, we would love to hear it!

How much does it cost?
Alkemist Assured is flexible and customized to highlight and reward the testing you are already doing. Please reach out to your Alkemist representative to review your product and obtain your custom quote.

How is Alkemist going to profile Alkemist Assured partners
Our partners will be listed on the Alkemist website, and their names will be included when appropriate in presentations by Alkemist Labs.

How is Alkemist Assured different from every other program?
Alkemist assured is not an auditing and product certification program but rather a testing transparency program focused on your botanical and fungus ingredients/products. Alkemist Assured works with your existing auditing and product certification programs.

How long does it take to be approved to use the Alkemist Assured logo?
4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of your product. Multiple products can be evaluated simultaneously.

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