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Alkemist Labs in the Media

February 21, 2022

The Cannabis Review Website 10Buds Did a Nice Write Up on Alkemist Labs

September 22, 2021

Whole Foods Looks at Must Do’s for 2022

August 23, 2021

NutraIngredients-USA Looked at Kratom, Which Continues to be a Controversial Herb. Elan Weighs in on His Experiences Testing It

August 6, 2021

Elan Wrote About the Differences Between Standardized and Whole Herbs from a Testing Perspective for Holistic Primary Care

JULY 13, 2021

This Second of Two Articles by NutraIngredients-USA Looks at Changes in Recruitment in the Industry as a Result of the Pandemic

July 12, 2021

This First of Two Articles by NutraIngredients-USA Examines the Challenges of Staff Retention and How the Dietary Supplements Industry Gives Employees a Sense of Purpose 

June 28, 2021

Nutritional Outlook Talked to Experts About How COVID-19 Has Shaped Botanical Adulteration (page 56)

June 25

Five Flavors Herbs Interviewed Elan About the Importance of Quality Testing

June 23

Nutrition Industry Executive Reports on Alkemist Labs Receiving Two TINY Awards Confirming a Healthy Corporate Culture

June 18

NutraIngredients USA Interviews NutraDads Just in Time for Father’s Day

May 6, 2021

Nutrition Industry Executive Examines Regulatory Compliance and Improving Quality  

April 30, 2021

Natural Products Insider Talks with Elan About Partner Agreements

April 29, 2021

Deconstructing the Impact of Amazon’s Supplement Quality Requirements – VitaFoods Insights Video

April 19, 2021

Elan Reflects Upon the Most Recent Changes to Amazon’s Requirements of Dietary Supplement Sellers on That Platform 

April 15, 2021

Industry Reacts to Amazon’s Most Recent Requirements – NBJ

April 12, 2021

Alkemist Wins Nutritional Outlook 2020 Best of Industry Award

April 2021

In It for the Long Haul: Herbal Companies Reflect on Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis

March 15, 2021

Nutrasource & Alkemist Amazon Team Up to Help Brands with Amazon Compliance

March 1, 2021

Nutrition Industry Executive Convened a Panel Discussion to Talk About the Unprecedented Challenges the Industry is Facing.

January 21, 2021

Informa Asked Elan About the New Amazon Requirements  

December 14

Alkemist Wins Nutritional Outlook 2020 Best of Industry Award

The boutique, family-owned laboratory has taken on industry Goliaths, powered by “tenacity, foresight, and a little crazy.”

August 23

With majors knocking, independent analytical labs face the temptation to sell

Chemical & Engineering News looks at challenges faced by independent labs created by giant lab acquisition wave.


Adulteration in the Time of COVID

Elan wrote an article on adulteration’s place in history and how to combat the age-old tricks for

July 13

Data thieves target thriving supplement industry

NutraIngredients-USA looks at Ransomware attacks on industry.

July 13

Nutraceuticals World on the importance of the USPS to the industry

June 25

VitaFoods Insights – Delivering the power of botanicals

Transparent sourcing, efficacious dosage and commitment to quality control are hallmarks of responsible industry.

May 12

Catching Up with Jon Benninger | Elan Sudberg, Alkemist Labs

Jon Benninger of SupplySide / Informa video interview Elan Sudberg (video interview)

April 29

Supplier relationships in the time of COVID-19

Nutritional Outlook discusses COVID -induced supply chain challenges.

April 16

COVID-19 and the Dietary Supplement Supply Chain

Nutritional Outlook brought industry leaders together for their observations on the impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chain and what they think the pandemic-influenced future might hold.

April 8

It Takes Courage to Support Cannabis – Podcast

Todd Runestad, Ingredients & Supplements Editor of the New Hope Network, took Elan out to lunch with AHPA President Michael McGuffin to talk about the cannabis business.

March 30

Ensuring Product Safety in the Time of Coronavirus

Nutraceuticals World update on our “essential” industry keeping products safe.

March 18

Disease Crisis Turns Up Pressure on Analytical Labs

NutraIngredients-USA interviewed Elan on the challenges labs face in the pandemic crisis.

March 2

Test Finds Poor Quality in Greek CBD Products: Experts Divided on What It Means for the US

NutraIngredients-USA asked Elan about a report from an Israeli company that claimed to have found big discrepancies between label claims and actual content of CBD products.


December 13

Cannabis Testing: the Need for Robust Methods and True Transparency

SelectScience Interview with Petra Erlandson, Director of Sales & Marketing.

December 4

Responsible Standards to Yield Long-Term Stability

Interview on THC testing with Elan in Nutraceuticals World.

November 13

Disclosing Contract Labs: The Next Step in Transparency

Article by Elan in Natural Products Insider magazine.

November 5

Consumers Need Access to Transparent Analytical Lab Results

Nutritional Outlook Interview with Elan at SupplySide West.

October 31

Will CBD and Hemp Certifications Clean Up the Market?

Nutritional Outlook interview with industry leaders at SupplySide West.

October 25

Personal DSHEA Moments

A special Insider issue including an article on the role of testing in dietary supplements by Elan.

October 23

Specialty Research Services in Cannabis interview with Elan.

October 10

Happy Birthday, DSHEA! Now, is It Time to Change You?

Nutritional Outlook asked industry leaders to weigh in on dietary supplement regulation.


Sorry, Not Sorry

Ingredientsonline’s invited Elan to contribute an article to their magazine on why he’s a staunch advocate for best practices.

September 26

The Latest in Independent Testing Part 1

Whole Foods examines the importance of testing labs and certifications.

September 26

The Latest in Independent Testing Part 2

Whole Foods magazine’s deep dive into contract labs continues.

September 10

Transparency: The Next Generation

Natural Products Insider article by Elan Sudberg.

August 21

SupplySide West Preview

Nutritional Outlook wrote about the launch of our consumer-friendly Certificate of Analysis to support Next Generation Transparency.


Quality Assurance: Addressing Pain Points for Herbal Products

Nutraceuticals World lays out challenges companies need to consider to ensure botanical industry’s long term viability.

July 17

FDA should audit supplement testing labs for GMPs

Natural Products Insider Podcast interview with Elan.

June 19

Alkemist, Nutrasource Team Up to Provide THC Level Verification

NutraIngredients-USA covered this joint program to vet the level of psychoactive constituent is cannabis-derived products.

June 14

Is the Tide Changing on FDA’s Scrutiny of Contract Labs?

NutraIngredients-USA interviewed Elan about increased regulatory scrutiny of the testing lab component of GMP compliance.

June 14

Podcast Insider

FDA Should audit supplement testing labs

June 5

Alkemist Labs CEO: It’s the Personal Touch That Really Matters

NutraIngredients-USA Interview with Elan on the occasion of his being honored as 2019 NutraChampion.

June 4

NutraIngredients-USA Awards 2019: And the WINNERS are…

Elan Sudberg was chosen by the editorial team as the NutraChampion for contributions to the industry.

April 23

Many Blends on Market Sans Tests Verifying Their Makeup, Expert Asserts

NutraIngredients-USA interviewed Elan Sudberg about the importance of brands having specific test methods developed for their unique formulas.

April 22

Partnership to Help Improve GMP Compliance, GRAS & NDI Applications Process

REJIMUS alliance with Alkemist Labs reported in Nutraceuticals World.

February  27

Alkemist Labs Confirms Shagandha® Ashwagandha Root Extract from Sabinsa Complies with USP Monograph

Highly regarded ingredient supplier chose us to confirm authenticity, as reported by Nutritional Outlook.

February 25

Alkemist Labs Cuts Identity Testing Turnaround Time to 4 days

Nutrition Industry Executive tells the story.

February  20

IngredientsOnline Partners with Alkemist Labs to Boost Botanical Transparency

NutraIngredients-USA talks about this testing transparency initiative.

February  12

Botanical Ingredients and Overcoming Potential Adulteration Concerns

Natural Products INSIDER digital magazine.

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