Our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation is valid for all medicinal plants & fungi. Certificate Number: 3851.01 

One Lab. All the Tests*

Comprehensive botanical and fungi testing from your favorite independent, quality-obsessed ISO accredited lab.

Alkemist Labs is an established leader in botanical plant testing, with expanded capabilities in phytochemical potency analysis, encompassing all herbs in commerce including hemp. We are proud members of the natural products community, serving botanical suppliers and dietary supplement manufacturers. 

Full method transparency, personalized technical support, and unrivaled customer service are our hallmarks.  With our undisputed expertise in this very specialized area of analytical testing, we can help ensure that your products meet your label claims.

Our Certificate of Analysis includes everything needed to reproduce the analysis, and defend the results in front of cGMP compliance auditors.  We also provide de-jargoned versions of test results suitable for consumers, which many clients include in their transparency programs.

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What Would You Like to Test?

Identity Testing

Confirming botanical genus, species, and plant part is the first step of testing your sample.

Potency Testing

You not only need to know what your material is, you need to know how strong the constituents may be.

We screen for heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides to the highest standards.

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Unparalleled Support

Our support ranges from guiding you through selection of botanical reference materials, to determining what tests are appropriate, to facilitating resolution if testing discrepancies arise, with the end result of your having confidence in your products, and the tools to demonstrate it to regulators and customers. Our four-day turnaround time for routine identity testing keeps your production schedule on track.

Analytical Expertise

Because plants are complex, testing them requires more than a combination of different analytical techniques, it also requires the expertise to know when and how to apply them accurately.  Our ISO/IEC 17025 flexible scope accreditation from A2LA means outside specialists have confirmed our expertise.

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