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Lab Questionnaire Guides Contract Lab Audit


In a previous article titled, “Picking the Right Contract Labs for Testing Success,” I brought to light some of the many aspects and considerations involved in choosing the best fit for cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) testing needs.

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Picking The Right Contract Labs for Testing Success


Rare is the company that solely sows the seed, grows the botanical, processes or combines it with other ingredients and finally puts the finished product on the store shelf. A handful of them still exist today, making up many of the leaders in this industry.

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It’s Now Herbal Products’ Turn to (Unfairly) Wear the Scarlet Letter


A recent research article, “DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products,” has generated a considerable amount of attention toward its findings. Having read, reread and read again the entire article, I humbly accept any offerings of gratitude for saving you time, as these two sentences summarize the entire article:

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As Social Media Grows, So Should Your Sense of Caution


When my father and I started the lab in the late ‘90s, we delivered our Certificates of Analysis (C of As) via the U.S. Post Office and email. I licked stamps and placed them on large envelopes. Then I put a Post-It-note on the fax machine informing others of my intention to occupy the line by dialing into what was called “The World Wide Web.”

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Quality Assurance as Marketing Strategy


In today’s marketplace, differentiating your brand from others can be a delicate dance amongst trending value propositions (i.e., Why should potential customers use your services over others?). While marketing relevance can be like aiming for a moving target, one marketing trend whose relevance is growing exponentially is quality assurance.

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AHPA Herbal Hero Award 2013


AHPA acknowledges individuals and organizations that make significant contributions to the herbal products industry. Alkemist was awarded the AHPA Herbal Hero Award in recognition for their outstanding contribution to AHPA committees/initiatives.

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