Standard Grades

Extrasynthese Phytochemicals

Product Grades and Example COA

Alkemist Labs is the exclusive distributor of phytochemical reference materials produced by Extrasynthese of Lyon, France. Extrasynthese offers two product grades to meet your analytical needs: quantitative and qualitative. Information on these analytical and qualitative reference material grades is shown below. For guidance on the correct grade for your use, please contact us at  and we will be happy to make a recommendation specific to your needs.

Analytical Reference Standards for Quantitative Determination

Products with codes ending in “S” are analytical standards suitable for quantitative analysis. These products are considered primary standards and are also designated with a GREEN label on their vial.

Extrasynthese analytical reference standards have an absolute assay of purity included in their Certificate of Analysis. Purity is determined chromatographically (HPLC, GC and/or UV based on chemical family), water content (Karl Fischer titration), residual solvents (GC), and inorganic content (ICP-MS). The analytical method for the chromatographic purity determination is included along with the image of the chromatogram itself. The total assay purity is then calculated from these values and clearly listed for use upon weigh in by the end user.

Example COA (Certificate of Analysis) for various analytical standards (click each image to see a full size example):

Kuromanin Chloride




Example website listing of an analytical reference standard:

Qualitative Reference Materials:

These products have a 4 digit numerical only product code and a RED vial label. They have a reasonable purity required for R&D use, peak identification and qualitative testing.