Standard Grades

Phytochemical Reference Materials
Product Grades

Alkemist Labs is the exclusive distributor of phytochemical reference materials produced by Extrasynthese of Lyon, France. Extrasynthese offers two product grades to meet your analytical needs. We are here to make your selection and purchase process easy. If you have any questions about the correct grade for your use, please contact us at for assistance and we will be happy to make a recommendation specific for your use.

Analytical Reference Standards:

These products are designated with a 5 digit product code ending with an “S” and are suitable for quantitative analysis and determination. While you are searching the catalog, just remember that S means standard.  In addition, these products have a GREEN label on their vial.

Extrasynthese analytical reference standards have an absolute assay of purity included in their Certificate of Analysis. Typically, analytical reference standards have a minimum purity of 98%. Their purity is determined chromatographically by HPLC or GC along with moisture and residual solvent testing. However, depending on the chemical family, alternate characterization techniques may be utilized.


Qualitative Reference Materials:

These products have a 4 digit numerical only product code and a RED vial label. They have a reasonable purity required for R&D use, peak identification and qualitative testing.


Analytical Reference Standard: Example COA