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With dietary supplement testing so much in the news this year, consumers are asking more questions about how the products our industry sells are tested, and they are looking for real answers. Since testing is a complicated business, how can you know what to ask to ensure the products on your shelves are getting the right testing?

As a testing lab that focuses exclusively on natural products, Alkemist Labs believes that true transparency in testing is crucial for giving customers peace of mind, so we’ve developed tools to help you make sure that you’ve done your homework and the products you offer for sale contain what they are supposed to contain, and nothing else.

The Retailer Testing Guide is a checklist you can use when speaking with supplement company reps about the quality and testing rigor that goes into the brand’s products. Use it to do your part in ensuring testing transparency from ingredient source to retail shelf.


Alkemist Labs is an industry recognized leader in Botanical Identification Services and renders comprehensive analytical testing solutions to its global base of clients to meet their food product safety, transportation and quality guidelines.

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