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As today’s consumers ask more questions about product quality, forward thinking brands are stepping up with increased transparency into sourcing, the ingredient research, and their reports to produce premium quality products. One area you may not have thought to include, but which we see as a marketing goldmine, is telling the world about your testing program.

You spend valuable marketing dollars telling your quality story. You also spend on ingredient and finished product testing to assure identity and potency, but the only people who know about that are your internal team of QA/QC professionals and auditors. We are convinced that consumers would love to see the details of your testing results and analytical report details. We’re so convinced that we’ve developed a template for a consumer-friendly Certificate of Analysis suitable for disclosing because it explains what it says.

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The Program

We envision working with you to test your ingredients and finished products and, in addition to our customary C of A that includes the results and full test methods transparency, we’ll include a jargon-free version of those results that consumers can understand. We’re pretty sure you can find a place for that on your website, and equally sure consumers will be happy to know you are so forthcoming, and trust your brand because of it.

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We’re eager to discuss details and work with you on Next Generation Transparency.

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