Alkemist Launches New Product Line: Composite Reference Botanicals


Alkemist Labs launches the Composite Reference Botanicals™ (CRB™) product line for Raw Material Suppliers and Manufacturers in the Food and Natural Product Industry’s. Each CRB™ empowers companies with in-house QC resources to perform ingredient identity testing on their botanical raw materials more cost efficiently and reliably than any other botanical reference product on the market.
A CRB™ comes with detailed sample preparation and analytical procedures, digital Microscopy and HPTLC images, as well as 10g of composite botanical from multiple verified sources from different regions and/or harvests. Composite Reference Botanicals™ enable companies to independently achieve their compliance goals for cGMP Ingredient Identity testing.

“As botanical identity testing specialists, we strongly believe the CRB™ products truly reflect what botanicals are in the marketplace because we test tens of thousands of ingredients our customer’s source from all over the world, at different times throughout the year. Botanical raw materials naturally vary in their identity profile, but by combining verified sources in a composite sample, this more accurately reflects any regional and/or seasonal variations our customers could expect. Other types of reference materials only capture a single one-time snapshot of what a botanical might look like analytically speaking, which everyone knows is not the best representation of that botanical” says Sidney Sudberg – CEO of Alkemist Labs.

Sudberg continues “we’ve had reputable clients with good raw material periodically reject their lots, which is very costly to them, because the reference materials they were using were insufficient and not really representative of what they had in front of them.”

Quality Assurance Coordinator of Trout Lake Farm says “we’re excited to have our raw materials incorporated into Alkemist Labs’ new Composite Reference Botanicals™ because these products truly establish identity, while accounting for natural variations that are seen in the marketplace. From a quality perspective, a CRB™ ensures that our company is able to accurately identify our botanicals first in the field, and also in the lab, which directly translates to better overall integrity of our ingredients and assurance of botanical identity to our customers.”

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About Company
Alkemist Labs is a niche contract testing laboratory specializing in plant authentication, botanical ingredient identification and contract research services to the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Industry’s. Located in Costa Mesa, California Alkemist routinely identifies over 800 species of botanicals leveraging an in-house herbarium containing over 6,000 botanical specimens. Alkemist Labs is committed to provide its Clients with the highest quality of analytical services via on-time accurate results and reporting, access to expert advice and an overall comprehensive offering of centralized testing services that make outsourcing incredibly easy.

Trout Lake Farm – based in Trout Lake, WA, has been committed to providing high-quality, cost-competitive Certified Organic botanicals through ecologically and socially responsible farming practices since 1973. Trout Lake Farm is a subsidiary of Access Business Group, a member of the Amway family of companies.


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