Alkemist Labs Founder Dr. Sidney Sudberg, L.Ac., D.C. Appointed Chair of AOAC Committee on Statistics


Costa Mesa, CA (November 17, 2016) – Dr. Sidney Sudberg, L.Ac. D.C. was appointed as the Chair of the AOAC Committee on Statistics for a three-year term, replacing outgoing Chair, Qian Graves, Mathematical Statistician – FDA, who will be serving as the past chair.

“I’m honored and welcome this opportunity to raise awareness of data analysis/data visualization and to help make statistics more engaging,” said Sudberg. “Not all data is good data, and, with proper analysis, this can be discerned. My mission is to be able to get people, especially scientists, to become more conscious of this, and for non-scientists to understand how statistics affect us every day.”

Sudberg has been an active research chemist since his undergraduate studies as an organic chemist at Lehman College of the City College of New York, and then as a graduate student in Chemistry at Stony Brook University and New York University. After graduate school, in the late 1970’s, Sudberg studied Classical Chinese Acupuncture in the UK, where he was introduced to the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and Herbal Medicine. He then went on to study Chiropractic Medicine at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.   After many years as a clinician, Sudberg combined his clinical knowledge and experience with his chemistry background and founded Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, now Alkemist Labs, a respected independent contract analytical testing and research laboratory dedicated to ensuring the quality of natural products/dietary supplements.

As the founder, president and CSO of Alkemist Labs, Sudberg has published several scientific papers on natural products and many articles explaining lab issues and best practices to educate the herbal products industry. He serves on several committees of the American Herbal Products Association, including the Analytical Laboratories and Standards committees. He is also a technical advisor for the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and serves on various committees of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, where, in addition to being Chair of the Committee on Statistics, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the AOAC Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM).

About AOAC

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) is a globally recognized, 501(c)(3), independent, third party, not-for-profit association and voluntary consensus standards developing organization founded in 1884. AOAC offers activities, products and services that are used to promote trade, and to facilitate public health and safety. AOAC’s primary activity is the development of globally accepted standards with stakeholder panels of experts working to foster consensus on method performance requirements. AOAC’s independent, third-party status and the experience of its members contribute to the credibility, defensibility, and acceptability of standards and methods developed through their processes. For more information visit

About Alkemist Labs

Alkemist Labs is an ISO 17025 accredited contract testing laboratory specializing in plant authentication, botanical ingredient identification and quantitative analytical services to the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical industries. Located in Costa Mesa, California, Alkemist Labs offers clients a wide range of specialty research services to evaluate the identity, purity and quality of botanical raw materials, dietary ingredients and finished products. Alkemist Labs produces a complete line of Composite Reference Botanicals (CRBs), critical tools for botanical identity verification, and also distributes phytochemical reference standards from Extrasynthese of Lyon, France. Alkemist Labs has become the ideal “Partner for Quality” to companies interested in producing high quality natural products requiring independent, third-party analysis, Stability/Shelf-life studies, Certification of Analysis and cGMP compliance.


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