Alkemist Labs Is On The Move



Dear Valued Client,

On February 23rd, Alkemist Labs will be moving to a new facility!

We know you rely on us and we are taking steps to keep things running smoothly during this transition. Rest assured that we’ve put a lot of planning and preparation into place to minimize disruptions.

Samples to arrive Friday February 23rd or after should be shipped to our new address:

Alkemist Labs
12661 Hoover Street
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Download our updated Sample Submission Form


Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about our relocation:

How will the move impact the timing of my testing?

Our lab will be closed for one business day, Friday February 23rd. Please consider this one day closure in planning for your result timing needs.

What if my samples go to the wrong address?

We are making arrangements with common carries such as UPS, FedEx, USPS. We will also be monitoring our old address so nothing gets lost. If you have concerns about a particular package, please contact us at so we can help.

Is Alkemist’s phone number changing?

No, you can still reach us at 714-754-4372 just like always. On Friday, February 23rd, we will be closed for the move and will not be answering the phone.

Is Alkemist’s remittance address changing?

Yes, the remittance address will be changing also. Please use the new 12661 Hoover address for payment purposes.


We appreciate your business and trust in Alkemist Labs! If you have any concerns, please reach out to your Alkemist account manager for assistance.

For more details on our new location, read the press release.



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